February 2nd 2015

Sherry Slejska, New-Life Mills


Jersey Ontario will benefit from additional support from New-Life Mills as they partner together to promote the Jersey breed of dairy cow in Ontario.

New-Life Mills’ Sales and Marketing manager, Dan Havens officially announced on January 31st 2015, at the Jersey Ontario Annual General Meeting, Hamilton Ontario, that New-Life Mill’s sees the need to encourage the growth of the Jersey breed for milk production and will work alongside Jersey Ontario to educate dairy producers about the benefits of incorporating the Jersey breed into the their herd.

Kathleen Shore, Dairy Nutritionist for New-Life Mills explains that, “Jersey cows are notorious for being a small, attractive looking breed of dairy cow, however many producers don’t realize that this breed has been proven to be very profitable. Jersey cows have a very efficient feed conversion per kg of quota and require less feed than many other popular breeds.”

According to University of Guelph dairy research team, lead by Associate Professor Elliott Currie – Jersey cows have fewer birthing and health issues which also contribute to the overall profitability of the breed – a white paper is available through the University of Guelph on the proven profitability of Jersey Canada’s.

“We believe that nutrition is the key to successful production”, says Alex Venne, Dairy Business Manager at New-Life Mills. “We encourage our customers to provide the best physical environment for their livestock and to implement nutrition programs which optimize production efficiently and promote the overall health of the animal.”