At New-Life Mills our Dairy Goat program has been developed to nurture a healthier Doe with higher milk production. The New-Life Mills dairy specialist and nutrition team works with you to understand herd targets and monitors progress throughout the various stages of growth and production.


Start kids out with optimal nutrition to encourage good health and efficient growth – early nutrition is critical to ensuring a smooth transition to solid feed and the next stages toward being a part of a successful milking herd.


Doeling feed programs ideally result in a healthy, high quality milking doe – ready for kidding and milk production. They mature quickly and are bred for lactation at a stage when they are still growing very rapidly themselves. Tailoring nutrition programs to respond to their unique needs is critical to the future health and profitability of the herd.

New-Life Mills specializes in using on farm forages and blending with high quality ingredients for a well-balanced ration intended for optimal reproductive performance & health.


Lactating Does are your business – achieving sustainable milk production throughout breeding and pregnancy is optimized through a quality nutrition program. New-Life Mills rations and nutritional supplements facilitate improved health and milk production for your does and her kids – Feeding the Future of profitable performance and production.


Dry Does have unique demands on their bodies. The last 50 days of the dry period are the most important for fetal growth and typically she has more than one kid to grow!

Complete nutrition will ensure that your doe is healthy and ready for kidding and the the demands of lactation. A balanced ration with optimal protein and essential minerals will support her pre and post-partum health and prepare her for fetal health, birthing and lactation.

New-Life Mills delivers more than feed – Feeding Your Future with proven nutrition for profitable performance by a knowledgeable dairy team.