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At New-Life Mills our Turkey programs have been developed to grow a stronger, healthier bird, while still ensuring efficient feed conversions for profitability. The New-Life Mills Poultry Specialists and nutrition team works with you to understand flock targets and monitors progress throughout the various stage of growth. New-Life Mills delivers more than proven turkey nutrition.


Poults require extra special care. Having experienced extreme changes in environment and with special brooding needs, poults are at risk for disease and infection. New-Life Mills Starter Feed Programs ensure your poults have optimum nutrition for a healthier start and predictable growth.

Light Broiler Hens

Light Broiler Hens have unique demands on their bodies. With the goal of optimal growth within a shorter period of time, Broiler Hens require well formulated nutrition programs. New-Life Mills’ Turkey Growth & Finisher program is formulated to achieve your flocks market weight goals efficiently and on target.

Hens & Toms

Hens & Toms require a strategic approach to flock nutrition when the goal is to achieve target weights on time for scheduled market dates. Regardless of your approach to brooding your flock, optimal nutrition is the foundation of healthier, happier growing birds.

Brooding Turkeys

Brooding Turkeys To ensure a good start for your turkeys, you must pay particular attention during the brooding period as careful management of lighting, water, feed, and air is critical for successful brooding.   Light intensity during the brooding period should be between 60 to 80 lux. The brighter the light, the better the reflection […]

Be Prepared For Heat Stress In Your Flock

Poultry Team, New-Life Mills As we progress from spring into the long days of summer, we are reminded that the risk of heat stress in our birds is upon us. During periods of high temperature and humidity birds can experience heat stress potentially leading to large economic losses for poultry producers. As a result, it [...]

Maximizing Growth Without The Use of Antibiotics

The use of antibiotics in agriculture and its impact on antibiotic resistance in humans has received a lot of media attention over the last few years. Currently, the poultry industry manages/controls antibiotic use and feels these medications are used responsibly while the government has strict control on antibiotic approvals and their use in chicken barns. […]