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The New-Life Mills Pullet Feeding Program is formulated to maximize growth and optimize feed conversion.  When properly implemented in a well-managed barn, these feeds promote attainment of target body weights, while delivering the proper body composition for egg production in the layer barn.


New-Life Pullet Starter feeds provide the pullet with the nutrients required for a good start.  During the time the starter feeds are being provided, there is rapid growth and development of the digestive tract, skeletal system, and muscles.  This is the period of highest demand of nutrients and energy being utilized for growth.  It is necessary to provide these pullets with high quality, well-balanced feeds to support this rapid growth.  The New-Life Pullet Starter feeds are balanced to not only support this rapid growth and development, but also to maximize early growth and uniformity within the pullet flock during the brooding period.


New-Life Pullet Grower feeds consist of four flexible rations that allow for the adjustment of energy and protein levels over time to stimulate appetite and ensure that the body frame is developing correctly.  Due to the flexibility of these feeds, you are able to respond to any changes that may be required to control or encourage body weight gains, while still supporting the growth of the skeletal frame required to support the bird for the duration of her lay cycle.


Approximately 21 days before the first egg, hormonal changes in the pullet promote the development of medullary bone, which acts as a calcium reservoir to supplement dietary calcium during egg shell formation.  At the same time, the reproductive tract is rapidly growing and developing.  New-Life Pre-lay rations are formulated to 17% protein and are available to provide 2.0% or 2.5% calcium, as well as providing high phosphorus to support the development of the medullary bone.  Incorporating Hy-DTM and phytase into these feeds maximizes calcium absorption in the pullet, while minimizing phosphorus excretion, helping support the pullet as she matures and prepares to lay eggs.

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