December 18th 2015

New-Life Mills Poultry Team


How you set up your barn prior to chicks arriving as well as bird management in the first 7-10 days of life can have huge impact on the performance of your broiler flock.   The goal is to have chicks delivered to the farm as soon as possible post-hatch and fed immediately.

It is a dramatic and stressful change for the chicks as they move from the hatchery environment to the barn environment. Chicks must have access to feed and water immediately as they need to establish normal feeding and drinking behaviors.

If the flock gets on to feed quickly and there are no other factors (i.e. nutritional, environmental or disease challenges), you can expect the 7 day body weight to be four or five times greater than the day old chick weight. To learn more about getting your chicks off the a great start contact a New-Life Mills Poultry Specialist