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At New-Life Mills our Beef nutrition programs have been developed to optimize the performance and profitability of your herd. The New-Life Mills beef specialist and nutrition team work with you to understand your goals and monitors progress throughout the various stages of growth. We know how to grow a healthy beef business and we’ll help you do the same. New-Life Mills delivers more than feed – we’re feeding your future with proven nutrition for profitable performance.


Beef Cows are critical to sustainable beef production.  It is a continuous cycle to ensure she is healthy and strong for optimal calf production – good nutrition is the key.

The benefits of high quality feed programs facilitate your herd’s growth through:


  • Reproduction – Optimizing health for better breeding
  • Gestation – Healthy gestation for a healthier cow and calf
  • Lactation – Speedy recover from birth & optimal nutrition for efficient calf growth


Calves need to be strong and healthy.  Early nutrition is paramount to building the body and the immune system needed to improve animal efficiency and ultimately profitable performance.


Replacement Heifers are the future of calf production. Make sure she is ready for a strong reproductive cycle with a well-rounded nutrition program, combined with on-farm forage and pasture is critical to supporting long term beef production.


Feedlot Steers and Heifers are your profit center and we take that very seriously. Optimal nutrition, based on today’s economics, will yield higher returns.


 What Program Is Right For Your Operation?

  • Mineral Programs for A Growing Herd
  • Ontario Corn Fed Beef Nutrition Program
  • Veal Nutrition Program
  • Rations
  • Premix
  • Supplements

From calf to calf: Minerals help you get there

Kristin Thompson, M.Sc. Ruminant Nutrition Associate and Kathleen Shore, M.Sc. Ruminant Nutritionist New-Life Mills, A division of Parrish & Heimbecker, Limited   Minerals are an essential part of a nutritionally balanced diet for beef cows.  Unfortunately it is also a part of the diet that is overlooked due to the small inclusion rate.  Those small […]

Cool Cows on Hot Days – Avoid Heat Stress

By Kathleen Shore, Ruminant Nutritionist, New-Life Mills   When temperatures are high, cows are no longer able to lose heat by emitting it to their surroundings (radiation), passing it to the ground (conduction) or passing it to the air (convection). The only way for them to dissipate their heat load is by evaporation: breathing and [...]

Mineral Supplementation Throughout The Beef Production Cycle

Your Goals The profitability of your beef operation is dependent on replacing and expanding your herd with healthy new calves. Genetics, environment and nutrition play a huge roll in the success of your breeding program. To ensure optimal health throughout the breeding cycle you should understand the nutrition delivered to your cow and her changing [...]