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How A Specialist Can Help



A production and nutrition specialist can help you develop and implement proven animal management and nutrition programs which are designed for optimal genetic performance and efficient feed conversations. We listen and learn about your unique situation and goals and then become part of the solution team for the success of your farming business.


A Production and Nutrition Specialist Can:



  • Analyze your current situation and recommend a course of action tailored to your needs & goals
  • Provide objective advice so you can make informed decisions
  • Help you improve animal health and nutrition
  • Conduct forage & feed analysis
  • Help reduce risks associated with illness and disease
  • Identify operation and feed efficiencies which affect your time and finances
  • Spot opportunities to improve barn management for better animal performance and welfare
  • Help you better understand market & industry developments
  • Help you stay focused on your goals and adjust your programs when needed
  • Bring new and proven nutrition and barn management opportunities to your attention
  • Provide cash flow & business advise


As your farming business changes, your New-Life Mill specialist will respond with innovative programs and solutions to lead you towards sustainable farming success.


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Feeding Your Future

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