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Efficient Swine Nutrition should optimize genetic performance of your herd at each stage of the production cycle. The New-Life Mills swine specialist and nutrition team put the Pacemaker program to work.

We know how to grow healthy pork production and we’ll help you do the same.


Starting your piglets with high quality Nursery Feed and Creep Rations optimizes potential growth; promotes efficiency of the digestive system and stimulates a healthier immune system. A great start to a great finish.


Grow & Finish your pigs with well-balanced nutrition at a predictable and efficient cost per kilogram of gain. Pacemaker efficiently delivers flexible and effective programs for optimal health and efficient feed conversion.


Sow & Gilt genetic rations optimize breeding effectiveness and target the specific nutritional needs of pregnant sows and their fetuses, achieving larger potential litters with healthier and heavier piglets, with optimal return to post estrous, post weaning.