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At New-Life Mills our Dairy Cow program has been developed to grow a stronger, healthier cow, while still ensuring efficient feed conversions for profitability. The New-Life Mills dairy specialist and nutrition team works with you to understand herd targets and monitors progress throughout the various stages of growth and production. New-Life Mills delivers more than feed – we’re feeding your future with proven nutrition for profitable dairy performance.

Dry Cows have unique demands on their bodies. With a calf on the way and changes pending – full production to follow; complete nutrition will ensure your dry cow is healthy and future milk production is optimized.

Starting calves out with optimal nutrition, for efficient rates of gain and to transition your calf to solid feed faster – encourages a healthier growth curve and equips your calf to be part of your future milk production success.

Heifer feed programs ideally result in a healthy, high quality cow – ready for calving and milk production at the least cost to your operation. New-Life Mills’ nutrition programs enhance your forage resources, so you get more for less.

Lactating Cows are your business. Rations and nutritional supplements facilitate improved health and milk production of your cows. Efficient milk production means a more profitable cow.

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